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Li Shousheng, president of Sinopec Federation, came to the company to carry out preliminary research on the

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 On September 11, Li Shousheng, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and his party visited the company. Mr. Hu Baifan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Hu Baishan, Vice Chairman and President of the Company, Mr. Li Haoran, Honorary Dean of the Institute, and Mr. Chen Zhirong, the honorary chief of staff.

President Li Shousheng pointed out that the visit was for the upcoming 14th Five-Year Plan, and NHU was important as a key enterprise in the field of fine chemicals. He hopes to learn about the development of NHU and the future development direction through this exchange, and learn from it.

Chairman Li expressed his appreciation for the overall situation of the company and the direction of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and pointed out that the company left a deep impression on him in terms of strategic positioning, research and development ideas, product structure and green development concept. He said that Xinhecheng is aiming at the field of fine chemicals, and its strategic positioning is very clear. Product research and development adhere to the concept of “demand-oriented, inline and external”, strengthen long-term cooperation with universities and research institutes, and ensure the advancement of technology and advancement. The transformation and upgrading of the industry; adhering to the path of sustainable development and practicing the concept of green development in the process of enterprise development, these experiences are worth learning and learning.

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