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Deepen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win

Time:2019-11-19 08:22:50     :Admin

On November 18th, the president of Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation Kenichi Ariga, and the Minister Yoshinori Suzuki and Mitsutoshi Takagi visited the company. Mr. Hu Baifan, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Zhou Guiyang, General Manager of the New Materials Division, and Mr. Chen Qingjun, Deputy General Manager of the New Materials Division, received the reception.

 Sojitz Pla-Net has worked with the company for many years in the field of new materials PPS and has become the company's largest distributor of PPS products in Japan, helping the company to develop new materials in Japan. This time, President Kenichi Ariga personally visited, on the one hand, signed a distribution cooperation agreement with the company to deepen the current trade cooperation; on the other hand, explored more cooperation methods between the two sides and sought further win-win.


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